Ballistico’s specialty is sports involving balls — but he is a bit impetuous and can get himself into hot water. He is the one with the most energy in the group and the Leader of the Sportlets. Ballistico is impetuous in the sense that he’s a hero and will dive ahead to save someone even if he doesn’t have a plan.




Charm’s super powers is that she is a wonderful gymnast and dancer. She is also patient and kind. She can be a bit dingy and truly believes most people are good. She simply prefers to see the “nice” things in life. Her optimism and naivety can often irritate Rudy worse than anything — her positive attitude, even in the face of Rudy’s shenanigans, really gets his back up. She is also the most empathic of the Sportlets — when a kid is having trouble she knows it, sympathizes, and will do anything to help.




Strongo is the strongest being in the universe. While he has super human strength, he can be a bit slow both in speed and quickness of thinking. Strongo is our “gentle giant” — he has big muscles and he’s super-strong, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone — not even Rudy. He’s all about self competition and “personal bests.” He wants to see how much he can lift. He wants to see if he can unbend a horseshoe — not to show off, just to see if he can do it. He is an inspiration of individual effort. Because he’s into self-competition he will sometimes address his biceps or other large muscle groups like they are individuals… congratulating them on a good lift or for having grown bigger. His muscles are his friends, just like the other Sportlets.




Athletica is super fast with special knowledge of food and diet. Of the four, she is the brainy one. She has leadership qualities and can be considered second-in-command to Ballistico. Athletica is very practical and very interested in good food and staying in top shape so that her speed is always at the ready whenever she needs it.



Rudy Rude

Our chief villain – and alien — who is always wanting to defeat The Super Sportlets so he can steal all of the Earth’s EnerJoy! He has a personality like The Joker, a sore loser and when he gets stressed he starts eating. Rudy is the opposite of Charm by being a total narcissist. He’s irritable because he eats a lot of sugar. He’s always on a “sugar buzz.” This, of course, is his downfall.